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04 May

How Free is Free Bookkeeping Software? There are many suppliers of free bookkeeping software and some of them do an acceptable job, however there is normally a cost associated with using free bookkeeping software, be it needing to pay for the full functionality or annoyingly funding the software by advertising. No one is going to spend their time producing and maintaining a top class software product for free and no one would expect them to either, so what are the options if you want

25 Apr

Free  Company Formation Service Our Free Company Formation Service enables you to set up your own limited company just by supplying us with a few details regarding the name of the company, its shareholders and Directors and we will do the rest for you without charge. There are many formation companies that offer great prices, however, forming a company does cost time and money, the only way to get it done cheaply is to either let the formation company choose your bank for you

05 Apr

  This option is for Limited Companies that require a top class accounting service but do not need to meet their accountant face to face, all the services that you will require from an accountant are included in this package and you have the choice to send us all your information quarterly or yearly, either way you still get great value for money. What is included? ·         Your own named qualified accountant contact ·         Subscription to the QuickBooks Online Accounting

22 Mar

Micro Company Accounting Services We understand that many business owners run micro companies which may be start-ups or may be life style businesses. Our Micro Company accounting service has been especially designed for micro businesses that turnover less than £10,000 in their last financial year. If your business turned over more than £10,000 we can still prepare your accounts for a great price, check out how little it will cost by asking us for a quote The service that we have created for micro

01 Feb

The information below is taken from the HMRC website and provides options as to how Corporation Tax can be paid. HMRC may recommend that you pay be direct debit, we recommend that you pay by internet banking using the reference on your Corporation Tax payslip. Corporation Tax is payable 9 months and 1 day after your Company Year End. How to pay Corporation Tax This guide gives you the payment deadlines for Corporation Tax and tells you about your payment options. It is now

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