05 Mar

Dormant Company Accounts


Dormant Company Accounts

At PGA we provide a value for money Dormant Company Accounts filing Service.

It is a simple but important job to file Dormant Company Accounts and we have the expertise and the software to do it quickly and accurately ensuring that you do not receive a Companies House Penalty (see below)

All you need to do is complete our Dormant company Accounts filing Pro Forma and email it to us before your companies filing date and we will do the rest. We will file the Dormant Accounts within 24 hours of receiving the pro forma.

This service is provided for just £75 plus vat, if this is of interest to you just send an email to enq@philipgurnhill.co.uk titled dormant accounts and we will send you the pro forma to be completed. Once we have receipt from Companies ~House that the Dormant Accounts have been filed we will send you an invoice for the agreed amount, please note, as with all of our service we work on a fixed fee basis and guarantee no added extras.

If you have setup a company and it has not traded since incorporation, you may choose to file Dormant Company Accounts at Companies House, these Dormant Company Accounts should be electronically filed before the due date of the accounts or the Companies House system of fines will commence.

These fines are no joke and almost impossible to appeal, they build up as follows:

Not more than one month £150
More than one month but not more than three months £375
More than three months but not more than six months £750
More than six months £1,500
These fines are easy to avoid, even if your filing date is close, we provide a Dormant Company Filing Service and as long as you have the Companies House authorisation code, we will file them the day we receive them. This service is available for just £75 plus VAT.

Act now while there is still time!